Welcome to the
onset of innovation.

Discover the next wave of original
cannabis concentrates.

Follow your rhythm.

From the familiar to the forefront of innovation, Verse is designed with you in mind. This next-generation series features universal vape cartridges, versatile tinctures, and our premium, high-potency crumble. Subtle or bold, uplifting or downtempo, but always remarkably consistent.

Creativity blended with technology.

Verse products are engineered to create exceptional, reliable experiences. It starts with high-quality cannabis and comes to life with the latest in various extraction methods (CO2, ethanol, and hydrocarbon) and SōRSE™ Technology by The Valens Company. We are propelled by creativity and the pursuit of making a new class of cannabis products accessible to Canadians.

All Verse products go through meticulous testing so you can consume with confidence.

Consistent Experience
World Class Extraction
Safety-tested & Health Canada Licensed

Basic to beyond.


Traditional techniques produce this full flavour, high grade hash with an astounding aroma. It has a dense but pliable consistency with a unique mix of terpenes.

Consistent Quality
High THC

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Double Chocolate Brownie

Our Double Chocolate Brownie is filled and topped with 10 mg of THC chocolate ganache. Conveniently packaged in a pouch to maximize freshness and chocolatey goodness.

Unique Formulations
Great Taste

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Mango Nectar THC Vape

A premium, high-potency vape with a burst of sweet mango. The cartridge is compatible with most 510 thread batteries. It features medical-grade stainless steel, and a ceramic heating element and mouth piece.

Universal Inhalables
Multiple Formulas

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Amp 1g Pre-roll

The AMP series offers affordable, high-range potency with high-quality bud from carefully chosen flower by the Verse team.

Convenient Packaging
Curated Blend

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BC Dreamweaver Pre-rolls

Our pre-rolls are made from BC Dreamweaver flower, an indica-dominant strain with a flawless grind and pack for an enjoyable, steady burn.

BC Proud
High THC

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BC God Bud

BC God Bud is an indica-dominant strain and is applauded for its high THC content. The flavour consists of tropical fruit flavours with undertones of berry, lavender and pine.

BC Proud
High THC

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