CBD 10 mg/g* of CBD OR THC 10 mg/g* of THC CBD 2 drops = ~1 mg of CBD* OR THC 2 drops = ~1 mg of THC* Net Weight 20 g

Meet CBD & THC Drops by Verse Originals – our line of best-in-class formulations and product value. This product has been engineered using SōRSE™ by Valens technology, resulting in a water-soluble liquid, free of cannabis flavour and odour. These versatile drops can be mixed with food and beverages or ingested directly, orally or sublingually**.

For those consumers looking for a custom CBD-THC blend, the Verse Originals CBD Drops can be mixed with our THC Drops. Verse Originals CBD & THC Drops are easy to use with drip-controlled dispensing.

CBD / THC: Premium flower derived




Water-soluble liquid
Drip-controlled dispensing
SōRSE™ by Valens technology

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*Estimates only; subject to change. Consult product labels for actual concentrations.


Verse Originals CBD and THC drops offer ultimate flexibility in how they’re consumed.

Ways to consume**

Drops can be added to food and beverages, or simply ingested orally or under the tongue.

Your unique blend

You can mix and match our CBD and THC drops to create your ideal THC : CBD blend.

Endless pairings**

With zero cannabis aroma and flavour, these drops pair well with any dish or beverage.

Keep in mind that ingested cannabis products can take longer to take effect. Start low. Go slow.

**Suggested consumption methods for educational and informational purposes only.

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