White Rhino Hydrocarbon Crumble

An intense THC and terpene experience.

THC 75-80%* CBD 0-1%* SIZE 0.5g and 1.0g

Meet White Rhino Crumble by Verse Concentrates – our line of premium hydrocarbon concentrates focused on capturing the essence of the living plant. This highly potent and flavorful crumble was created with the more experienced cannabis user in mind. Extracted with hydrocarbon, it features a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Derived from a BC-grown, indica-dominant White Rhino strain, lead terpenes Pinene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene create a fruity and piney aroma. This crumble has a remarkable honeycomb like consistency and comes in a non-reactive glass container for freshness.

Strain: White Rhino – Indica-dominant
Key Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene


Fruity and piney aroma

Golden-brown colour

Distinct crumbly texture


Validated hydrocarbon extraction

Resealable glass jar

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*Estimates only; subject to change. Consult product labels for actual concentrations.

Get to know White Rhino

Our White Rhino is a classic BC bud strain. An indica-dominant child of White Widow, this phenotype is potent and intensely flavourful. White Rhino translates particularly well into a quality crumble.

Why Hydrocarbon Extraction?

This method maintains the delicate makeup of the plant so that the original combination of cannabinoids and terpenes remains in the final product.

How to consume Crumble.**


You can mix a small amount of crumble in with the bud in your joint or pipe. Simply smoke as normal with an added level of potency.


Simply fill the glass bowl with flower and sprinkle some crumble on top. Light and inhale, but note that the smoke will be much more potent than normal.


If you have a dab rig or dab pen, you’re all set. Add a small amount of crumble to the metal nail on your device, heat, and inhale.

Go easy. If you’re new to high-potency concentrates, consider starting slow with a low dose and monitor your experience.

**Suggested consumption methods displayed for educational and informational purposes only.

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