Killer Kush Live Terp Vape

Maximises the Fresh Live Terpene and Cannabis Profile of Killer Kush

THC 75 – 83%* CBD 0-1%* SIZE 1g

Meet Live Terp Killer Kush 1 g Vape Cartridge by Verse Concentrates – our premium line of small batch concentrates focusing on translating the essence and profile of the living plant into the extract itself. This unique product process begins with carefully selected fresh, flash frozen ultra-premium and BC-grown Killer Kush cannabis.

Our carefully executed method to freeze fresh cannabis locks in and preserves the delicate and volatile compounds that are responsible for the strain’s unique flavour and aroma. Next steps are the extraction and further refinement of those flavour profiles and cannabinoids, which does not compromise on potency.

The cartridge is compatible with most 510 thread batteries and is manufactured with glass and high-grade medical stainless steel and features a porous ceramic heating element and mouthpiece.

Strain: Killer Kush – an indica-dominant hybrid, descendent of the infamous Ocean Grow (OG) Kush and an elite auto flowering genetic line.

Key Terpenes: Beta Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Guaiol, Bisabolol, Humulene


Cannabis-derived terpenes
Sweet citrus with musky undertones
Exotic fruit flavours
Clear, golden amber appearance


Compatible with most 510 thread batteries
Medical-grade stainless steel and glass chamber
Porous ceramic heating element
Ceramic mouthpiece

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*Estimates only; subject to change. Consult product labels for actual concentrations


Killer Kush is a unique strain that comes from a mother plant of an F3 pheno of OG Kush, crossed with donor pollen from a selected 3rd generation Chemdawg Indica. The result is a mix of exotic notes and deep profiles.


Sun-grown outdoors and flash frozen, this premium Killer Kush bud was cultivated by McIntyre Creek Cannabis; a 150-acre cannabis farm in Oliver, British Columbia. McIntyre Creek specializes in next generation drying and curing technology and its Fresh Frozen process which helps preserve key terpenes and the highest levels of THC and CBD.


Fresh Frozen Bud

This product uses a fresh frozen process to help preserve key terpenes and levels of THC and CBD.

BC Proud

Cultivated in a sun-grown, outdoor environment found in Oliver, British Columbia.

Consistent Quality

Each oil cartridge is meticulously tested for safety and quality assurance.

Go easy. If you’re new to high-potency concentrates, consider starting slow with a low dose and monitor your experience.

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